Zaupanje ljudi v organizacije in podjetja, ki upravljajo in analizirajo zbirke velikih podatkov se ob vedno novih škandalih upravičeno zmanjšuje. Bi k izboljšanju stanja pripomogla neodvisna agencija, ki bi nadzirala področje in skrbela, da pri uporabi velikih podatkov ne bi prihajalo do zlorab?

There is some consensus among policymakers, regulators, commercial data firms and consumer privacy experts that what is needed is some sort of recognised, accountable, trustworthy body to bridge the gaps between consumers, suppliers and the market.

This organisation would serve as a broker, managing a person’s data and dealing with firms on their behalf. It would aim to prevent or at the very least fix any harm that occurs due to the misuse of data. It could uphold the public interest, but also educate.

For example, it could help organisations share and use data in new and useful ways, but only if the data was used appropriately – staying true to the spirit of the right people using the right data for the right reasons. It could even award trust marks – such as the one that the Information Commissioner’s Office are consulting on – to firms that can prove they use their customer’s data responsibly. (Vir: Is big data heading for its ‘horsemeat moment’?)