Umetnost in brezpilotna letala, projekt problematizira "PlayStation mentaliteto":

"…the idea of workers in edit suites, trained on Playstations, sitting around killing people and then jumping in cars and rushing home to have dinner.


Kot pojasni umetnik:


I thought about a drone who could talk, and who could start to feel bad about it, and who disagreed with ground control and decides to see go see New York instead.

That’s the problem with drones, it’s promoted as surgery, as not invasive — it’s targeted with precision, but that’s not really the case. 

People are often in their domestic situation, going to sleep at night or dreaming, they’re very vulnerable. Then this thing just suddenly comes and visits them. We regard that as a kind of bullying, it’s not honest combat.


Po Wired.

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