Aleš Završnik

Director of the Institute

Dr. Aleš Završnik is a Senior Researcher and Director at the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana and Professor at the Faculty of Law University of Ljubljana. Recently, he was EURIAS & Marie Curie Fellow at the Collegium Helveticum/ETH in Zürich (2017/18). His research interest lay in the intersection of law, crime, technology, and fundamental rights. Among several others, he lead a research project Law in the Age of Big Data (Slovenian Research Agency, 2014 -2017), and edited a book Big Data, Crime and Social Control (Routledge, 2018) and a book Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems: Legal and Social Implications for Security and Surveillance (Springer, 2016). He organised several conferences in these research areas, e.g. Automated Justice: Algorithms, Big Data and Criminal Justice Systems in Zürich (2018) and Big Data: Challenges for Law and Ethics in Ljubljana (2017). He is an independent Ethics Expert with the European Research Council (ERC) and for the REA, the research arm of the European Commission.

Fields of research: 

criminology, criminal law, philosophy of law, psychology and law, law and psychoanalysis, post-structural analysis of law, crime and technology, cybercrime

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Scientific articles

Books and edited collections

Contributions to edited collections

  • ZAVRŠNIK, Aleš, KRIŽNAR, Primož. Legal standards of location privacy in light of the mosaic theory. In: NEWELL, Bryce Clayton (ed.), TIMAN, Tjerk (ed.), KOOPS, Bert-Jaap (ed.). Surveillance, privacy and public space, (Routledge studies in surveillance, 2). Abingdon; New York: Routledge. 2018, pp. 199-220.
  • ZAVRŠNIK, Aleš. Why there are no convictions of hate speech in Slovenia? From the implementation fetters to rigid explanation (Orig.: Zakaj obsodb sovražnega govora v Sloveniji ni? : od okov implementacije do rigidnosti razlage). In: SPLICHAL, Slavko (ed.). In defence of public (Orig.: Zagovor javnosti : med svobodo izražanja in sovražnim govorom, (Razprave, 33). Ljubljana: The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. 2017, pp. 101-114.
  • CAMPBELL, Marilyn, ZAVRŠNIK, Aleš. Should cyberbullying be criminalized?. In: SMITH, Peter K., STEFFGEN, Georges (eds.). Cyberbullying through the new media: findings from an international network. London; New York: Psychology Press. 2013, pp. 65-82.
  • ZAVRŠNIK, Aleš. Criminal justice systems’ (over)reactions to IT security threats. In: BELLINI, Marcello (ed.). Current issues in IT security. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot. 2010, pp. 113-135.

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Towards “Automated Justice” – Aleš Završnik

Towards “Automated Justice” – Aleš Završnik

Our world runs on the application of big data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI) in many areas of our lives; social networks suggest whom to befriend, algorithms trade our stocks, and even romance is no longer a statistics-free zone. Big data coupled with...


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