Lecture: The Tyranny of Choice – Renata Salecl
The A.M. Qattan Foundation Invites you to attend a lecture entitled: “The Tyranny of Choice” by Renata Salecl at the Foundation’s Building in Al-Tira, Ramallah, on Saturday 14 September at 11:00 a.m.
PS: The Lecture will be in English with Subtitles in Arabic

Today we are encouraged to view our lives as full of choice. Like products on a supermarket shelf, our identities seem to be there for the choosing. But paradoxically this freedom can create anxiety and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. In The Tyranny of Choice, acclaimed philosopher and sociologist Renata Salecl explores how late capitalism’s shrill exhortations to ‘be yourself’ are leading to ever-greater disquiet—and how its insistence on choice being a purely individual matter can prevent social change.

‎Lecture: The Tyranny of Choice/ Renata Salecl سطوة الاختيار‎