On Thursday, 18. 5. 2023, the Director of the Institute, prof. dr. Aleš Završnik, and our junior researcher Iva Ramus Cvetkovič attended the conference “Digitalization u pravu, zaštita privatnosti i automatizacija – DPZPA” at the Faculty of Law of the University of Sarajevo, where they gave lectures on “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Criminal Justice” (A. Završnik) and the use of artificial intelligence in space (I. Ramus Cvetkovič).
The conference programme included, among other things, the presentation of the translation of the book Pravo i umjetna inteligenicija (translated by prof. dr. Hajrija Sijerčić-Čolić, emeritus), published in the original version by the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (edited by Aleš Završnik and Katja Simončič).