Journal of Criminalistics and Criminology

The journal of Criminalistics and Criminology was first published in 1959. Until that time it was named as Criminal Investigation service and was being published under that name since 1950. The journal is issued by Ministry of Interior, Republic of Slovenia. It contains 4 volumes per year and is leading scientific and research journal in Slovenia that covers the fields of criminalistics, criminology and related sciences such as criminal law victimology, penology, criminal policy, police science, social pathology, psychology and psychiatry etc.

The journal is closely related with work at the Institute of Criminoloy with ongoing studies, contributions and articles from the early beginnings of the journal. Also published in the journal were all research studies of the Institute and reports of participation from national and international meetings. In addition, the journal publishes reviews of important new criminological and criminal publications, abstracts from national and foreign literature, statistics on crime in Slovenia and police work in the past year, every year it also contains a report on the work of the Institute of Criminology.

Each issue of the magazine provides a list for the next three months of new books in the library of the Institute of Criminology and some new releases in the library of the Ministry of Interior.

The journal is peer-reviewed.

Summaries of articles are included in the following databases:

  • CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, Bethesda, Maryland, USA;
  • CSA Sociological Abstracts, San Diego, California, USA;
  • Criminal Justice Abstracts, Thousand Oaks, California, USA;
  • NCJRS Abstract Database, Rockville, Maryland, USA.

Recent issues are available here.