Trans-making – Art / culture / economy to democratize society



The project Transmaking – Art / culture / economy to democratize society aims to establish a network of research and innovation staff active in various fields such as criminology, sociology, economy, history, and artThe project’s objective is to strengthen research capacities by exchanging knowledge and expertise between academic and non-academic partners from the European Union (EU) and Third Countries.

The project investigates and experiments with placemaking to contribute to the democratization and well-being of society, education and empowerment of individuals and disadvantaged minorities. The research is divided into four work packages: collecting and documenting, exploring and experimenting, performing, and designing. The project consortium aims to enhance links between art and culture, economy, democracy, and innovation at the EU level and beyond and foster entrepreneurial skills, risk-taking adaptability, and innovation capacity (e.g., economic, social, and democratic).

By relying on the existing network of the involved partners, the project fosters a better understanding and knowledge sharing between the scientific community, stakeholders, and policy-makers.


Project team

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