In the scope of the Tuesday meetings, this time exceptionally on Thursday, 1 December 2022, at 11:00, the Institute of Criminology will host a lecture by Aleš Bučar Ručman entitled “The peculiarities of Japanese society and culture through the eyes of a European observer” in the library of the Institute of Criminology.

Aleš Bučar Ručman is Associate Professor and Vice Dean for International Cooperation at the Faculty of Security Sciences, University of Maribor. In his lecture, after an introductory overview of the history of Japan after the Second World War and the role of the USA in its politico-economic development, he will focus on the current situation as directly perceived and reflected upon during his study and research visits to this distant and, for many, still rather little-known country. He will pay particular attention to the different forms of (in)formal social control, the family and professional life of the Japanese and the social changes they have been exposed to in recent times.

Keywords: Japan, social changes, social control, family life